Service Area

The area I service is between Rose Hill Junior High School and Bridle Trails Shopping Center and can include the Microsoft Campus area.
Map of service area

A more social dog

Dogs like to be with other dogs. We get them out of the house so they're not alone. They can play with their friends or just sniff around. And by being exposed to different dogs and people, he/she gets accustomed to interacting with other friendly dogs and being handled by others. Your dog becomes more adjusted, more social, more relaxed and a lot happier.

First I'll walk the dogs, and then I'll train them after they have burnt off some energy.  I found if I train them in groups they not only obey the commands more, but they see them obeyed correctly by the other dogs, that get rewarded. Methods and styles are used according to what will work for each dog after standard practices are attempted.

When the dog comes home, follow up steps are usually necessary. The dog owners will be given a set of instructions to use to insure the reinforcement of the training the dog has already had.  This makes it easier on the owner to enhance the training process.

Bringing neighborhood dogs together

You catch up with friends over coffee. Dogs, they bond and socialize with their pals by walking. That's why we gather small groups of dogs (1-10 dogs) from the same neighborhood. They spend less time in the car and get to go exercise quicker. We group them by similar size and temperament so everyone gets along. Something the dogs in the wild do all the time.  It gives them structure and a sense of wellness.

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Our Specials

Referral Program

My referral program allows you to receive cheaper walks forever! For each referral you give aDog Walk4u that results in a regular client, I will knock $1 off your walk rate for as long as your referral remains with us. Two referrals = $2 off every walk. The possibilities are endless!!! See our monthly "specials" for more savings.

Volume Discount

Monthly- With 3 or more months of continued service (2 or more walks a week) get 2 walks free within a 3 month period.

Package- When you sign up for (3) aDogWalk4u services get an additional service free. Email Marty for details.

Personalized Service

Over the years we have earned a reputation of providing great customer service. Many of our clients have been with us for several years and their dogs have BFF's in our playgroups! Visit our testimonial page to see what our clients have to say about us.

About our walks

  • Walks last 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Walk times: First available pick up 7am, last pick up 5:30-6:30pm.
  • We pick up your dog at a time you prefer. You can schedule a before noon or afternoon pick up. Whatever's convenient for you.
  • We are available for dog walking and pet sitting 365 days per year.
Call us now! (425) 786-8672. Or visit our New Clients page on how to get started.

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  • $20 - 30 Minute potty break
  • $30 - 60 Minute leashed walk or play time
  • $80 - Special extended play time - 3 hours
  • $150 - Volume Discount:
    6 x 60 minute walks for the price of 5

  • $20 - 30 Minute Walk/In-Home-Visit/Dog Park Visit
    $5 each additional dog
  • $27 - 60 Minute Walk/In-Home-Visit/Dog Park Visit
    $5 each  additional dog
  • $15 - 15 Minute Potty Break/Visit (up to 2 dogs)
  • $32 - 60 Minute Dog Hikes
    $5 each additional dog (May-September)
  • 2 Hour Dog Hike-$40,
    $5 each additional dog (May-September)

**Cancellations must be received 24 hours before scheduled visit or a cancellation fee of $30 will apply.